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Welcome to Abundance Non Profit

baker headshotAbout Ken Baker

Ken Baker has been involved in the barter industry for over 30 years.
During this time he has sold trade accounts, done training and managed several offices. He has been involved in the start up of several new trade exchanges.
While consulting he has become a member of a dozen or more trade exchanges. Some have been small local groups and others have been large national or international exchanges. From each he has learned the programs that did well and those that needed to be improved.
He now is giving back from the lessons learned. He does workshops and consulting to teach the benefits of barter. The opportunities are tremendous.



How Can We Help Your Non-Profit?

Abundance Non Profit offers consulting and/or management services that include:

  • A program for financial assistance.
  • A program that is not labor intensive
  • No up-front costs
  • Conversion of un-needed donations to buying power


To teach non-profit organizations the many benefits of using barter
To teach barter programs that will provide financial assistance for non-profits
To demonstrate the use of barter for both personal and charitable opportunities
To educate the community on how barter contributes to the businesses of the area
To achieve goals thought impossible without the use of barter

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  • #103 - Just Another Currency

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