Why a Non-Profit Should Use Barter

The economic slowdown has greatly affected most non-profit groups.  Grant money and corporate support have been cut drastically. While this has happened, the need for the services provided by the non-profit community has increased.

There is, however, a large source of untapped financial aid available through Gifts In-Kind.  In the past, the non-profit has been reluctant to solicit or accept many items because of their inability to convert an unneeded product or service into the support they needed. The barter industry provides the way to do this along with programs that provide financial support.

  1. Converting Donations:  A trade exchange accepts almost any donation from a non-profit to be converted to many of the goods or services that the non-profit pays cash to acquire.
  2. With no up-front cost or on-going expense a non-profit can benefit from barter.
  3. The program is not labor intensive, is sustainable and donations are easier to get than dollars.
  4. The non-profit receives donations that they would not otherwise have.